About Joanne Davies

Implementation Consultant

Joanne Davies loves implementing business strategies designed to move a company forward, bringing its people with it.  Joanne works with organisations to deliver on their Business objectives, specialising in culture, resource alignment and sales.

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My Story


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I moved around a lot growing up, daughter to an Airforce (RAAF), father and mother, which I think contributed to my comfort with change and working with different people.  As a kid, going to new schools meant quickly interpreting the lay of the land and adapting to dynamic surroundings.  I took these skills into the workplace and, from there, learnt to help others deal with change in a way that not only allowed them to thrive but to instigate change to deliver outcomes best for the business.


Throughout my corporate career, university and eventually, in my own business, I have fostered a working style based on creativity, transparency, structure and framework to ensure resources are aligned to clear objectives and that, ultimately, gets the organisation and its people moving forward.